Monday, August 9, 2010

kaibutsu no neko!

Production is complete on the first batch of "kaibutsu no neko" and they are in route from the factory! This guy is the biggest, most complex figure iv made to date. This crazy mutant cat with butterfly wings stands almost 6" tall and has 2 points of articulation. For this figure i really wanted it to look good so i had my friend and awesome artist Nathan Ross ( (@hoverboards on the twitter) do the sketches for the sculpt, go check out his stuff is freakin awesome! i cant thank him enough! I really pleased with the way it turned out and have had lots of positive reactions from those that have seen it in person. if everything goes to plan i should have the first edition available on sunday, this will be a uber small edition (less than 10) stay tuned to the blog or my twitter (@kaijukaijukaiju) for details.

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